is the focus of my work and professional skills. With goal setting and customer need for creating of clear, simple and effective device for business. Also the operation of fulfilled project continues to analize the efficiency of accepted decision. My portfolio embraces different answeres from landing pages and admin panels to guideline.
The accurate and meticulous development of elementary base, interaction and condition of elements guarantee the optimisation of creating process of new interface in the project and modificaton that is available. The development of this set of elements is enjoyable and difficult operation at same time. Contact me and we will set up how to realize and optimize the development of your future project.
I have specific position and dealing with illustration. Drawing process whether using a computer or by hand, or even a difficult process of photomontage is a very interesting work for me. This skill helps to develop interface and support it with a quality image that helps to focus on the product and contribute to its better perception.
This is the process of creation of illustration in the video
I am Platon. I was born and raised in Moscow. I have been engaged in everything that has connection with creativity and design. Regular upgrowth and skills improvement are the main objectives for me to be the best in my business. For the first place, the whole process of working on objects is my hobby and my lifestyle, rather than just a work.

I paint by hand and have interests that associated with creation: electronic device designing, lightning design, photography, aquariums.
The illustration of the first page in the process
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